Electronic Water Descaler: What are the Benefits?

More than 60% in Britain are affected by hard water*.

What do you mean by hard water?

Best Water Distillers refers specifically to water with high levels calcium and magnesium. It does not pose a health threat, but can pose other problems.

Some of the problems associated with living near hard water include:

The performance of soap, shampoo and detergent can be affected by hardwater. They produce less soap/detergent/ shampoo. This can be dangerous to the environment.

Your hair may appear dull.

Skin feels dry.

Clothes take longer to wash.

You can make your fabrics feel coarse from scum.

Scale combined with soap = scum. This adheres to tiles, basins, taps, etc. making cleaning more difficult.

Hidden costs

Heating hard water can lead to scale buildups at 1.5mm per yr. Boilers and tanks will lose their capacity and pipes will become narrower as a result. According to statistics from government agencies, 6mm of scaling can result in a decrease of up to 38% in the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system. This has obvious implications for both the economy and the environment. It could cost more to replace a domestic boiler than PS1,000 on average.

The buildup of limescale can reduce the performance as well as the life expectancy of all domestic appliances that heat your water, including your washing machine and dishwasher. This can affect your home’s cost-per-hour.

An additional cost for detergents, fabric softeners and limescale removal can run to more than 200 pesos per year. If you live in a hardwater area, your washing machine may require around five times as many soaps and up to 30% more detergent.

How to reduce the harmful effects of hardwater

Use the right detergents and soaps.

Lower the temperature settings for your dishwasher, boiler, and washing machine.

To soften the water, you can use an electronic descaler.

Benefits of an electronic water descaler

Substantial reduction of “scum” marks around sinks, bathtubs and kettles.

Water softening done without chemicals

No moving parts. Fit and forget.

No need to refill or maintain regularly

Self-monitoring is a way to detect system failures either internally or externally.

Use less environmentally damaging cleaning products that are less effective when you use hard water.

The chemical composition of the water is not altered, so it is safe to consume.

It’s a relative low-cost solution.

All the benefits that soften water can be attributed to it, including being gentler to your skin.

You will need less detergent

Reduce Heating expenses. Reduce fuel consumption as the system’s flow decreases.

No complicated installation. Just attach your device and plug it into the standard power outlet.

Prevent the need to replace pipework boilers storage tanks radiators, heating elements, heaters, and other components. Scale buildup.