Gemstone Energy Medicine Is Essential for Complete Healing

The process of healing is to overcome an illness, disorder or injury. Moldavite meteorite can be 100% healed and have restored your health. You will never get the illness back; it is over. The injury does not leave the affected area weaker and more susceptible to future afflictions.

You must deal with all the energy that is associated with your condition to achieve healing. Each disease, injury, and disorder is more than just the physical body. There are four main types of energy. These are negative thoughts and emotions that can be associated with the condition. Third, it is the disharmonious effluent the injured, diseased or pained tissue naturally releases. Fourth, it must be treated as the energetic counterpart to the actual tissue. These four elements must all be taken care of in order for you to experience complete healing. You can do this while you work on your physical condition.

Because gemstone energy medicine can heal the whole body, it is vital for healing. Gemstone energies are able to harmonize, heal thoughts and emotions, dissolve disharmonious effluent and interact with their energetic counterparts. This is a healing method that can be done as effectively and efficiently as gemstone therapy. Gemstone energy medicine is safe and can be used in conjunction with healing modalities such as medicines, herbs, or other therapies that target healing physical tissue.

Let’s first talk about removing emotional and psychological ties that are tied to illness. It is a difficult task because physical illness can often be associated with negative thoughts and emotions. This type of emotion and thought can increase the disease burden. Sudden or prolonged illnesses can lead to sadness, depression and frustration with dealings with insurance companies. It also causes anxiety and fears about financial matters and the inevitable changes in your lifestyle. Patients are often confronted with many emotions after being diagnosed with serious diseases. Patients will feel more angry, depressed, guilty, sad, or depression about their illness, which can lead to more emotional energy that they need to overcome in order to heal. Emotions and thoughts are closely linked to each other. They tend to reinforce the reality that is perceived. It will be more difficult for an individual to achieve greater health if he worries, fears, or imagines the worst.

It begins by hovering around an individual with negative emotions or thoughts about an injury, then they seep into their physical tissues. They can anchor in the tissue and cause damage. The tissue that is most affected depends on the person’s genetic and inherent weaknesses. Most commonly, embedded stress manifests itself as hardening tissue such as the muscles or arteries. The fact that someone sits at a computer all day can cause knotted muscles. Even though sedentary living can contribute to the condition, it is also the fact that constant mental and emotional stress makes it more difficult for people to relax, despite the fact that they do regular massage therapy or exercise.

It can be more difficult to heal the emotional and mental aspects of a condition than it is to repair or ameliorate a disease. They are acknowledged by gemstone energy medicine. The energies from therapeutic gemstones around the neck reflect into the aura and naturally balance, clarify and lift emotional and mental energies. Recognizing your own negative emotions is easier. Gemstone energy may also help them to release their negativity and allow them to replace it with positive emotions.

A complete healing involves clearing out disharmonious energy that has accumulated around and in the cells or organs affected. This is called disharmonious effluent. Energy that is reflected in the state of a tissue’s health, whether it has been traumatized or painful, will be naturally released. This is how the body was designed. The body recognizes a disharmonious effluent as a signal. The effluent will be less needed if the body receives support, such as from the immune system.

The signal flare can be ignored if the body has limited resources, or they have too many issues, or both. This disharmonious fluid becomes louder and more persistent, causing problems all its own. This can block the body’s natural healing energy flow and can cause pain by pressing down on already painful areas. This unwanted accumulation can be lifted and removed so that healing energy can flow in.

There are many types of healing gemstone necklaces that can be used to absorb unwanted energy. Others can be worn to increase the immune system or to vitalize the body to deal with any signal flares. The Energy Clearing GEMFormula is a great tool for clearing out disharmonious effluent. The Energy Clearing GEMFormula is a natural treatment that uses edible pills imprinted with certain gemstone energies. This combination of energies was created to aid the body in releasing all kinds of undesirable energies. The Energy Clearing GEMFormula is the greatest advancement in gemstone medicine.

Successful healing of tissue is only possible if it has its energetic counterpart. Every cell or organ is supported by an energetic essence. You can treat any organ regardless of what treatment you choose. You can use gemstone therapy to treat your counterpart, giving the organ healing and relief. What if the organ, or group of cells, is destroyed?

After a string of gall bladder attacks that were excruciating, my gall bladder was removed. Is that the end of my story? That should have been. However, I still felt sharp pains in my right side. I was assured by my doctors that the gall bladder had been removed successfully. They also dismissed the reason for the discomfort as unrelated. A friend of mine is an energy worker and I shared the sensation. I was reminded by her that all organs can have an energetic counterpart. My gall bladder counterpart was not healed and I still felt its pain. Because I was hospitalized for another reason, I did not have the opportunity to use therapeutic gemstones. However, I was able to use my imagination and conjure up their healing power.

The spheres of gemstones contain healing energy. This is light and sound that can be concentrated in a container. In order to ease my pain from the energetic equivalent of my gall bladder I imagined that there was a bright, shining light within it. It vibrated with beautiful and heavenly music. Inwardly, I communicated with the gall bladder and my body to inform them why it had to go. It was also clear that my whole being would be able to continue living without the organ. My gall bladder was a great help and I am grateful.

The gall bladder was healing as I did this exercise. In about two days, my pain disappeared. It has not returned nearly five years later.

In the 1980s I was one of the pioneers in gemstone energy medicine. I knew it would be a complementary healer modality. Gemstone energy medicine was going to revolutionize healthcare in some ways that I didn’t know. At the time I wasn’t able to understand the possibility that the prediction could come true, as I had only been working with healing gemstone necklaces at the time. It was simply not possible for me to imagine that doctors could apply gemstone necklaces, particularly in hospitals.

The premonition is now possible to understand, as gemstone energy can be embedded into edible pills. GEMFormulas can be given to patients by doctors as a standard part of their treatment. Only the Energy Clearing GEMFormula could remove a significant amount of unwanted emotions, mental, or disharmonious energy that can cause and exacerbate any health problems. The formula can clear energies that cause compounding pain or cloud symptoms. This makes it easier for doctors to determine the real nature of the condition and make treatment more effective.