Pregnancy and Other Drug Rehab

Drugs can be harmful to the baby’s development, and can create complications during pregnancy. Some drugs can cause nutritional deficiencies and anemia as well as fetal growth slowing. Pre-eclampsia can be caused by drug use during pregnancy. The use of marijuana in pregnancy can cause memory problems, impaired decision making skills, attention deficit and memory problems. These problems often don’t show up until the third year of life. Amphetamine use during pregnancy can cause an increase in heart defects in infants. Babies who are exposed to barbiturate drugs during pregnancy may experience withdrawals, seizures, and/or poor feeding. Opiods can lead to complications and abnormalities during pregnancy. Preterm labor, intrauterine growth delay, and preeclampsia are all possible in pregnant women who have used opiods. The likelihood of miscarriage is increased by the mother’s use. Baby’s whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy might have lower IQ scores or mental deficiencies. Sudden infant fatal syndrome is more common in children whose mothers have taken cocaine. PCP can lead to abnormal development in babies if it is used during pregnancy. It can cause mental illness in the mother as well as loss of connection with reality, read more.

You should quit smoking cigarettes if pregnant or intend to become pregnant. Inhaling tobacco smoke can lead to the inhalation of harmful substances. These substances include nicotine. Carbon monoxide. hydrogen cyanide. Tars, resins. And other cancer-causing agents. These harmful chemicals pass from the mother-to-be through the placenta and reach the baby via inhalation.

Smoking has a number negative effects on babies. These include a low birth weight and IQ scores. Reading disorders, hyperactivity, as well as low birth weight. In addition to affecting the baby’s ability for absorption of vitamins C, B, and Folic acid, which are crucial to their development and growth. Placental abruption, which can be caused by smoking during pregnancy, is more likely in moderate smokers (25%) than for heavily-smoked women (65%) Smoking in pregnancy increases the chances of miscarriage, the death of the baby within the first few weeks after birth, or both. Smokers who smoke moderately are at 25% higher risk than those who smoke heavily.

It is also bad to drink alcohol when you are pregnant. Drinking alcohol while pregnant is a very dangerous thing. Drinking alcohol even slightly can increase your risk of miscarriage. An abnormal baby could result from drinking large amounts. Folate alcohol syndrome, or FAS, can occur when the fetus is exposed to excessive alcohol.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is growth retardation occurring before and during childbirth. This can cause abnormal facial characteristics, as well as heart and/or limb defects. FAS can also cause behavior problems, impaired speech, and impairments in muscle and joint movement in children born.

Babies may be affected by drinking as little a two-pack a day. It is best not to drink alcohol at all, as it can lead to fetal-alcohol syndrome. Some over-the–counter cold medicines may contain alcohol. Read labels carefully before you start taking any medication.

The mother needs to abstain from alcohol. But it’s also important for the father to stop drinking. Research suggests that excessive alcohol consumption may lead to FAS in babies born. Drinking alcohol by the dad has also been shown to lead to intrauterine retardation.

The illegal use of drugs can cause harm to babies. Legal drugs and prescriptions can also have harmful side effects. Before you can discuss any medication with your doctor, it is best to stop using them. It is best to stop any drug use prior to and during pregnancy. You can prevent your baby from suffering by avoiding drugs and alcohol.

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