Mushroom Magic: Now Official

Who would have thought some soulcybin scam could provide health benefits? Research by Min Zhang from the School of Population Health of the University of Western Australia has proven that mushrooms can have health benefits for women in China.

Current Research

Zhang, Zhejiang University in China and The University of Western Australia did joint research to find that green tea and mushrooms could protect against breast carcinoma. Zhang reported that breast carcinoma was the most common form of cancer in women worldwide. Its rate is increasing in both developing and developed countries. In China, however, the rate of cancer was four to five times less than in developed countries. The study wanted to see if this could have been due to the traditional Chinese diet which includes both fresh and dried mushroom and green tea. Research has shown that mushrooms, mushroom extracts and green-tea have anti-carcinogenic qualities which can stimulate the immune system to fight breast cancer.

Monitored was the intake of mushrooms and green-tea by 2,000 women, ranging in age from 20 to 87 in a relatively wealthy area of southeast China. Half the women were healthy while others had breast cancer. It was revealed that Agaricus bisporus fresh white button mushrooms and Lentinula, a fragrant dried mushroom, were the most frequently consumed species of mushroom. One group of women studied did not consume mushrooms or green tea, while others consumed both.

The results of the study revealed that mushrooms and green tea combined had a decrease in breast cancer risk. They also had a positive effect on malignance. Zhang concluded that this inexpensive intervention may offer protection against breast-cancer development if it is consistent with other research.

Dr. W. J. Sinden of University of Pennsylvania and Dr. E. D. Lambert of Lambert Laboratories presented the first results of their research on the medicinal components of Agaricus blazei. This mushroom was discovered by the medical community. Ronald Reagan, an ex-president, used this mushroom to fight skin cancer. This helped publicise Agaricus.

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